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Feb 18, 2019, 05:00 AM
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Mar 15, 2019, 01:25 PM
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Mar 15, 2019, 11:30 PM
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Mar 17, 2019, 01:30 AM


The Second Edition of Texus Hackathon organized by Department of Computer Science and Engineering as a part of Texus 2019 is here, come be a part of RUSH'19 which is to be held on March 16th and 17th of 2019 at Chennai. We are here and this time with a different kind of flow which will take you through all the aspects and views in society about how to obtain and land your dream job. How to get better at what you do right now and that is why we have invited startups and various people who work towards upliftment of startups and their ideas.

Venue: Altimetrik, Ascendas International Tech Park, Phase-II, Unit3&4, CSIR Road, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600113

This Hackathon is OPEN to everyone and FREE for all including students, professionals, freelancers and experienced candidates too.

Join us in this edition and submit your ideas to be selected for the next round where exciting job offers, internships and mentorship opportunities which will help you grow your career and take you to the next step. We want to let our hackathon be different, a place where people meet and share their views from their own perspective and that is why we are trying to invite people who study, work, freelance, design and from so many other fields, this is exactly why we want to call Rush’19 an Experience. With that spirit, SRM Institute of Science and Technology - Ramapuram is conducting a hackathon - RUSH'19 and invites all developers and hackathon enthusiasts to participate in an interesting and engaging hackathon.


  • The sooner you submit the Idea Phase submissions, the sooner we can evaluate all submissions and sooner we can declare selected Hackathon teams.**

Round 1 : This is the idea submission round where the participants are required to submit their ideas pertaining to the given problem statements before the deadline date.

Deadline Date: 10th March 2019

Round 2 : Selected ideas are qualified to the final round which will be held on March 16th and 17th where the participants are required to demonstrate their idea and provide feasible solutions to their respective chosen problem statements.

The Timeline for the whole Hackathon process has been mentioned below:



For more information or to communicate with the team and for further clarifications visit our website at:
Or Drop us a mail at:


The basic idea of your project must adhere closely with one of the themes strictly and will be evaluated on that basis. The pitch fest and individual pitch will be based upon these statements, the top teams will be pitching in the common with the same idea also.

Make sure you add the frameworks, tools, languages you wish to use for the Idea Phase :)

Full Stack Development | Powered by Guvi

Category : Web

1. Create a signup page where a user can register and a login page to log in with the details provided during registration.
2. Successful login should redirect to a profile page which should contain additional details such as dob, age, contact, etc that can be updated by the user.

Must follow below constraints:

    1. Html, CSS, JavaScript, PHP should be in separate files.
    2. CSS should be written using sass/scss. The project should contain both scss file and compiled css file.
    3. The form submission should be handled using ajax, do not use HTML form action.
    4. Use bootstrap to make page responsive.
    5. Don't use more than two fonts and any icons or images should be in SVG format.
    6. Use jQuery to simplify dom manipulations.
    7. User data should be stored in MySql DB and also in the JSON file.
    8. Use prepared statements while performing MySql queries.
Front End Development | Powered by Guvi

Category : Web

Convert any one of the below Templates into a working Web Platform:

Template 1


Template 2

Important constraints to be followed:

  1. Web page should be responsive.
  2. Should use Bootstrap and SASS/SCSS.
  3. Use CodeMirror for the Compiler text area.
Data Analysis and Prediction | Powered by Positive Integers

Category : Machine Learning and AI

This challenge is aimed at analysing different parameters of a Food and Beverage company, to understand the interaction between various products, brands, outlets, commissions and their relationship to sales, revenue and market share.
You may choose to use any open source analysis tool(s), and any statistical or machine learning algorithm(s) that you deem necessary for your analysis.
The intent of this exercise is to get a firm understanding of the contribution of commission payouts to overall sales and market share of each product, brand and company through the use of effective exploratory data analysis, data visualization, predictive modeling and inference.


    1) Solution should be data driven.
    2) Should effectively use visualizations to present findings.
    3) Should use statistics or machine learning models to firmly understand patterns and relationships in the data.
    4) Document should explain the framework, design, implementation, inference and approach to each step.

Document Generator | Powered by Skcript

Category : Web

The task is to create a web app that has the ability of importing massive data set and generate the templated documents automatically. The main challenge is that the system should take the templates dynamically, meaning any one can create templates and upload it to the system to process it.

Intent Classifier | Powered by Skcript

Category : NLP

The challenge is to build an engine that can classify actions and data from a statement based on earlier training. The training should be dynamic based on user’s input. A system more like Dialogflow’s intend engine.

Location Sharing Application | Powered by Skcript

Category : Web and Mobile

The challenge is to build an mobile application that can help users share their locations to their friends and families in real time. The important aspect to be noticed is that the application should work even in the backgroud. And also an option to share and unshare the location anytime.

Mobile App Development | Powered by Lema Community

Category : Mobile

The challenge is to build an awesome app for Lema community to collaborate with projects built by the community.

App Requirements mentioned in the following document:

Guidelines to Create the App

Natural Language Processing | Powered by UMM Digital

Category : Machine Learning and AI

Build a system that identifies the type of question being asked by the user. Any given question can belong to four types: Who, What, When or Affirmation (Yes / No)

Any sentence that doesn't come under this category must be labeled as Unknown.

For testing your model, you need to build a dashboard that accepts questions, and classifies the same. Once that is done, build an interface to display it to the user, and validate your model's response with that of the user's actual intent.

Bonus: If you can improve the accuracy of your model based on the input given by the user.

Furthermore, the dashboard must show graphs with regards to the query being processed, the number of predictions vs the number of correct predictions. Your application will be evaluated based on the number of analytics that you can provide with the data you've gathered.

Dataset for testing the service will be provided on the day of competition.

User data population from image to text | Powered by Fresh Digital Group

Use any scan app, capture and convert relevant images to text. Store in DB
Validation / verification of image scanned with that of the name, photos and address present in DB.
High accuracy of this validation / verification system will have special points. Image sources: png, jpg, gif or pdf
Integrate this system in a mobile app

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